#Exnovation – Collective Identity Call for Artists

Innovation has been a major characteristic of Waterloo Region and how things get made here. In a process of innovation, a team creates change within a product, process, item, or service. This has marked every industry of the region, creating a spirit of inventiveness, and an ever changing and diverse economic backbone. An exnovative process is a little different. In an exnovative process, a person from outside of the team creates changes.

In this show, we will be asking artists to enter into unusual collaborations that could take different exnovative shapes. An artist can:

  • begin a project on their own, but with finding a partner with whom they can hand off the project for this person to finish.
  • collaborate with an artist with whom they have never worked with before.
  • two artists from different disciplines working in tandem to create a new work.
  • pertaining to a theme of interrupted process.

The work can take any form, any shape, but the spirit of collaboration and interrupted process is thoroughly encouraged in the ideas presented. Individual artists will not be turned down for solo projects conducted in a spirit of exnovation but consideration around projects that show interrupted or collaborative process will be given higher priority.

Artists from Waterloo Region, or who have lived in Waterloo Region, as well as artists living in the counties touching the region at its borders are encouraged to submit ideas for consideration in this show which will take place in January 2017 at THEMUSEUM.

Compensation will be made to artists based on fundraised amounts. We work hard to draw sponsors and donors to the show so that we can pay artists.

To apply to this show, please include the following:

  • Your CV and the CV of the artist you are collaborating with
  • A description of the project (500 words or less)
  • A description of how exnovation will be used in your project
  • Supportive documentation will be accepted if included in the package (not more than 5 files)

All files must be submitted with your name and the title of the file as the save name (ei: yourname_filetitled.pdf). We will only accept text (.pdf, .txt, .doc), image (.jpg, .png), video (.mpeg, .mov, .mp4), and sound files (.mp3, .wav) as the formats indicated. We will accept applications until the 7th of October 2016 at 5pm.

Media submitted outside of the package will not be considered in the application (websites).

Email all submissions to terre@mycontention.com

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