Music Building Bridges – Joel Maripil at Kultrun

An award nominated Best International Indigenous Artist of 2013 by the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Award will be joining us at Kultrun next week. Joel Maripil will be one of the highlighted international artists featured in the programming.

Joel Maripil“Here, put this in your CD player.” In went the CD and the car full of people went silent. The music confronted us – traditional sounds and voices blending with modernity. It was sounds of history meeting a contemporary context. The voice of Maripil played in the surround sound, bringing those sat in the car into a space where we could hear a natural prose blend beautifully with the poetic.

As the music continued to wrap around the car, with each track unified but very different from the previous, the minimalism of the music constructed an intensity in the listening. The deliberation of play, the ritual of sound, and the experience of a language I had never previously heard presented an intrigue. The cross-cultural language of sound and music created a dialog despite languages, and built a bridge of understanding over the thousands of kilometers between Maripil’s home and my experience of him here.

We sat and listened. I knew that this experience, as it is with almost all music, could not possibly compare seeing a live performance. Each sound, the voice, and the texture of his creation built a desire to be in a space. His love of his language and people is instilled in the consolidation of tradition with the now, comfort in culture, and an outreach to his people within this music.

This music has a purpose. The sounds exist to be heard.

Maripil’s contribution to Kultrun Festival range from a performance, to a workshop, to a symposium. The music itself was enough to draw me to the performance and workshop. The symposium will add the voice of this elder into the space of a symposium.

Maripil comes to this festival from WallMapu, First Nation in Chile. He is a Mapuche, and a cultural elder for the Kechukawin community (a Werken).

Maripil’s performances in Kitchener during Kultrun Festival this week are:

Thursday November 14th at 2pm
The Courtyard, 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener

Concert Series
Saturday November 16th at noon
Queen St. Commons Cafe
43 Queen St. South, Kitchener

Saturday November 16th at 6pm
The Conrad Centre for Performing Arts
36 King St. West, Kitchener

Sunday November 17th 2pm
The Walper
20 Queen St. South, Kitchener

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