One hour of gardening elbow grease

Hard work extremely hot day with the mercury in the morning at 28C all the while makes for a very difficult gardening day. I stuck to one hour for now, but will have to go out later to bag the discarded plants.

In one hour, I mostly cleared and mostly dug out a section of the garden in front of the Japanese maple. When we moved in, you couldn’t see the maple at all. Between Jeremy and I, we cleared a bit around it including almost 6 foot tall ragweed, and several staghorn sumach.

I don’t consider staghorn sumach a weed, necessarily. However it is very pervasive and difficult to manage as a garden plant. For now, I will be removing as much of it as possible.

Today saw the removal of a huge amount of overgrowth, some poorly placed goldenrod (I hated pulling this gorgeous wildflower but as a short person I do know that tall things in the front row don’t do anyone justice), several norway maple seedlings and various other invasive species.

I also dug out rocks and lifted them back up to a decorative position. They will be mulched, so not looking so much like a miniature stonehenge. A few are becoming completely submerged with the wildness of the garden takeover.

One hour got the garden from this:


To this:


See? We have a Japanese maple in there! And some other beautiful things.


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