There may be a place for the prime ministers’ statues – with a caveat

First – read this letter by Jim Armitage to the Record – Put prime ministers’ statues at Woodside.



Now here is an idea. I still don’t like the notion of the statues themselves, however Woodside – the childhood home of William Lyon Mackenzie King, is more appropriate than Victoria Park.

Economic capacity for multiple sectors

Say the statues do end up at Woodside. With a proper installation of them, there could be the opportunity to create arts and culture jobs and tie them into the tech sector. Consider this:

Each statue is turned into an augmented reality trigger. These augmentations could include the statue coming to life – actors portraying the people who they represent with narratives built by writers. There are jobs here for film makers, for tech, for actors, for designers, for make-up artists, for a director, for visual artists. Link the videos to other informations, and we just tied in History Departments at the Universities. 

You can take this idea further. There could be docents, a tablet rental for those who did not bring their own smart devices.


And this is an important one: This still needs a feasibility study. The “If you build it they will come” only works in Hollywood movies. Just building this new landscape does not mean the City of Kitchener or Woodside would secure more tourism. I remain dubious on this front – it requires research.

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