Staging Sustainability – my likely schedule

This isn’t an absolute but a projection of what I am going to attend during Staging Sustainability. It’s safe to assume that I will be at keynotes and plenary events, but here’s my breakout schedule.

Monday, 10:15
How do arts organization integrate and balance sustainability as a core value?

The afternoon breakouts I am attending will be the Sustainability and Production stream.

Monday, 1:15
How is sustainable thinking changing the way we make and tech shows?
Monday, 3:00
How do managers and production staff integrate sustainable practice into performance and events?

Tuesday, 10:00
How are the social aspects of sustainability being considered in new work and the communities in which it is being made?
Tuesday, 1:00
How do you integrate sustainability into the audience experience? How do we communicate with them about what you are doing?

I am also always looking to make new friends and connections. Aside from in person at the conference, you can find me on Twitter.

My Schedule for IMPACT 13

IMPACT 13 banner

I wanted to post what I am watching and when – as an example on how to see as much of this festival as possible.

Last night (Tuesday) I saw DRIFT (or drive)


5:30 pm – The Gaza Monologues
7:00 pm – Occupy Spring


5:30 pm – Balancing on Moonbeams
7:00 pm – Global Savages
9:00 pm – Good People Bad Things


6:30 pm – Next Stop
9:00 pm – Myra’s Story


7:00 pm – First Dance
9:00 pm – City of Others


2:00 pm – The Return Home
7:00 pm – Voicemale