Waterloo Region Arts Reboot

After years of candid small group conversations divided by discipline about similar issues in the arts in Waterloo Region, an event is coming to head to discuss the particular challenges for artists and small arts organisations.

Boehmer Box art throwdown

Waterloo Region Arts Reboot

Who should come:

  • Are you an artist currently practising in Waterloo Region?
  • Are you a member of a small arts organisation in Waterloo Region?
  • Have you been a member of a collective or ad-hoc arts group in Waterloo Region?
  • Do you play music, make films, photograph, perform, act, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, or attempt any art in a semi-professional to professional capacity in Waterloo Region as an individual artist?
  • Have you ever applied for an arts grant or creative development grant in Waterloo Region?
  • Have you earned an income from a small arts practice in Waterloo Region?

This conversation is not aimed at larger arts organisations, museums or facilities. Nor is it aimed at caring arts loving culture workers, “creative business” folks or anyone else who is not currently facing the realities of making art on the ground level in Waterloo Region. This conversation is very specifically to organise and communicate challenges as a broader artist voice. It’s about community building amongst us; it’s about building strategy for going forward.

Not an individual artist or small arts organisation? What you can do to help:

  • Share this event with artists who fit the description
  • Share the event over social media
  • Come and volunteer at the event: help mediate and/or record the conversations, or help to host the event (food, drink, meet and greet etc.)

What is the desired outcome of this event?

  • To collect general data that represents diversity of practice in Waterloo Region concerning the art.
  • To organise structures in community to better support each other within and across disciplines.
  • To paint a picture of the reality of innovative practitioners in art in Waterloo Region.
  • To build solidarity across disciplines in the art.

Really, it’s about being honest and pushing past barriers… or at least making a gosh darned good attempt to do so. We are planning to build a report with our findings from this event, and plan future strategy building sessions. Join us!

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