You say divisive, I say DIVERSE #WRAwesome #WRArts

Artists of Waterloo Region – Don’t even allow them to entertain the thought that we are “divisive”. We are not divisive. We have different needs. I also have a sneaky suspicion that this is a term used deliberately to undermine the grassroots from organising. We are not some tidy economic development package. We are a sector that represents plurality and multiplicity.
Because we present different needs, they think we are divisive. I have a better word. It’s another “D” word. We are DIVERSE.
The theatre company is not the same as the individual visual artist. The poet’s needs don’t match the small group of musicians. Some of us need quiet rooms that require sound proofing. Others need proscenium stages. Others among us can make due with a place to store equipment and a computer at a desk. Some folk need a storage locker for old work, a studio to build new work, and a gallery to show them all. This does not make us divisive.
When someone says the Waterloo Region arts community is divisive, match them with the word DIVERSE. We are diverse. And in our diversity, we are like any diverse culture: strong, resilient, and beautiful.

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